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In 1958, S.R.Brothers was established with a purpose to create a Company that would be associated with quality & dependability.

Over the years, S.R.Brothers has carved a strong global niche as a producer of fine Leather goods which make ideal Corporate Gifts.

A diverse range of top-of- the-line Leathers & updated Designs in various price categories makes it effortless to find a product to suit any requirement.

While our range is exhaustive-from Key rings to Travel bags, we are always ready to produce and supply goods as per the customer's design or requirement.

Our strict quality control endeavors that consistency is maintained in each piece of every order.

With in-house artwork and embossing facilities and discreet packaging, our aim to satisfy our customers gains strength.

Indeed, although our Leather goods are supplied all over the world, each customer remains distinct & special.

S.R.Brothers is celebrating its Golden Anniversary and it is time to not only look back with quiet pride but also look forward to many more challenging times.

We invite you to our world of leather goods where we celebrate style, quality, diversity and 50 Glorious years.


  • 50 years...and still going strong!

    Looking back and Looking ahead

    In 1958 a dream became a reality and S.R.BROTHERS was established. It began small, selling Greeting Cards & Key chains. Nevertheless, the Company was one of the Pioneers in the Gift business in India. In the office of the S.R.BROTHERS was a board on the wall that said 'The Customer is King'.

    By 1968, S.R.BROTHERS had shown immense growth and was recognized for selling a variety of novel gifts and give-aways to the most reputed companies across the length and breadth of India.

    By 1978, S.R.BROTHERS had emerged a powerful player in the Corporate Gift world with special emphases on the leather goods that it created. Subsequently, S.R.BROTHERS branched into Exports and as it turned out ,was one of the first companies to enter into the Middle-East Market. This was with a promise that it would make India?s name shine overseas with its emphasis on quality and service.

    By 1998, multi-national Companies both in India & abroad looked at S.R.BROTHERS as an able representation of creativity and commitment. The European Customer base saw a rapid increase . Despite a huge number of gift companies emerging, S.R.BROTHERS remained in the forefront. It was in the beginning of this decade that the Government of India bestowed upon S.R.BROTHERS the status of EXPORT HOUSE.

    And by 2008, S.R.BROTHERS has added imports from other countries into its repertoire to ensure that every customer's most diverse requirement was catered to..Indeed on the occasion of its glorious 50th Golden Anniversary, S.R.BROTHERS has every reason to look back with quiet pride at the goodwill and presence that it has earned amidst stiff competition. A lot has changed over the past 5 decades ..yet the one thing that remains untouched is S.R.BROTHERS staunch belief - The Customer is King.

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